Exo System
EXO system Italia
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EXO system commitment is oriented in solving the needs of public and private companies and their demands for the best in:

  • Systems and software maintenance
  • Implementation and start-up of new services:
  • document management
  • workflow management
  • integration of Enterprise Information Systems
  • User Identification Systems in Intranet/Internet Web Portals
Some of the most important customers of EXO system are:
  • Parmalat Spa.
  • Pharmacia Spa (ex-FarmItalia Carlo Erba).
  • Novartis Pharma Spa.
  • Mediashopping. (Mediaset group).
  • Ministry of the Treasury. Uffici della Direzione Generale.
  • Ministry of Defence. Direzione Generale Ufficiali Esercito.
  • Air Force Ministry. Stato Maggiore Aeronautica Militare.
  • Edizioni Giuridiche Italedi. (‘ITALEDI CD-ROM’).
  • EBusiness Press Spa ( Press Reviews on Web).
  • Institute of Vegetable Pathology.
  • Pfizer Spa.
  • ATI Spa. Italian Tobacco Company.
  • FINSIEL Spa.
  • Banca di Credito Cooperativo.
  • Multivendor Srl (Gruppo IBM SEMEA).
  • Livorno District Council.
  • SAIN. International Contract Company Spa.
  • Pratica di Mare Air Force Test Centre.
  • DATAMAT Spa.