Exo System
EXO system Italia

The services that EXO system offers are aimed towards the improvement and support of office automation and network infrastructures (software and hardware).These are some of our main services:

Consulting and start-up of integrated systems. Integration of ERP/MES/LIMS/SCM applications through XML and Web Services technologies.
(Case History:  Parmalat SpA)

Development of upright application software.
(Case History: Institute of Vegetable Pathology)

Document Management: planning and organization of business workflow.
(Case History: Pharmacia & Upjohn)

CD-ROM production and implementation of search engines.
(Case History: Edizioni Italedi)

Following closely the continuing evolution of the technological market, our company also deals with:

  • Development of Lotus Notes applications,
    (EXO is a qualifiedLOTUS Business Partner)
  • Installation and support of Unix systems (especially SCO OpenServer),
    (EXO is a qualified SCO Solution Partner)
  • Development of Java applications for direct connection with the Internet,
  • Design and implementation of business and interbusiness networks (LAN/WAN),,
  • Technical/operational on-site and on-line support.
The listed product names: SAP, BPCS and JD Edwards are registered trade-marks owned by SAP, SSA and JD Edwards.