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GIADAscan is an interactive and individually tailored system for business document management. It consists of hardware and software running in Windows platform. The system enables data filing and image, paper and electronic document (black/white, colour) management, together with photographs, sounds, technical drawings and Web pages and produces outstanding quality up until now only achievable with basic and costly minicomputer and mainframe systems.

The GIADAscan system was designed to fill the gap existing within the world of office document management. It is a system that facilitates filing, security of information and also eases the retrieval of documents via contents or associated keywords. The scanned documents, for example practice pages or sheets, are linked with forms (personalisable) containing information that will aid their retrieval. The GIADAscan system integrates all functions required for document filing into one single software module;the scanning, filing and recognition of characters via OCR, a rapid and intuitive document retrieval system, workflow management and data distribution, each of these functions is secured by password restricted access at any level. Each document, scanned and recognised, can be automatically filed from the scanning stage without interruption if so wished.

The filing procedure consists of the following stages:

The first stage involves the scanning of the documents and their conversion into a digital format. Paper documents (letters, order forms, faxes, invoices, images, technical drawings etc.) are scanned using special high speed optical recognition apparatus (scanner), capable of scanning documents at a speed of over 50 pages per minute. The scanner hardware and software enables rapid document reading and is capable of memorising documents formatted in different sizes from "Letter" to "AO". Standard resolutions of 200, 240, 300 and 400 dots per inch are available allowing the user to choose the level of scanner quality and speed (25 pages/min. in A4 format at 200dpi). The ADF (automatic document feeder) system equipment enables the loading of more than 100 A4-A3 pages at a time, which can be filed continuously.

The OCR recognition module (available separately) automatically converts documents scanned in characters into digits as though typed directly from the keyboard. This means that the user has two versions of the same document, one in image form and the other in text form. Through the image it is possible to view the final designs, stamps, and signatures contained within a document and eventually convert the readable characters into text format and save as a text file. The text conversion is useful for the manipulation of the text itself using cut/paste onto other documents, or indexing the contents of the filed document at the end to create key words for the search. The recognition module is highly flexible and accepts complex lay-outs, mixed characters, proportional spacing, single or multi-column documents and it will recognise characters of 6 to 24 points. It is also possible to carry out automatic recognition in a pre-established area, enabling direct filing of documents from the template form (inscription module, receipt analysis module, invoices, etc.). The automatic recognition system identifies check boxes, numerical or textural boxes whose values are transferred directly into the GIADAscan database fields. FILING
The structure of the GIADAscan system is based on the GIADA (Gestione Interattiva Automatica Documenti e Archivi - Intercative automatic management of documents and files) database. This is the first real information management system that gives the user absolute control over the data present in the documents, whether scanned or aquired via other sources other than those pre-existing in an electronic form. The solution is an interactive entirely programmable system, that enables the user to access data existing in related files. The user is able to index the document in any way desired. In fact it is possible to index in context, in such a way that either only the vocabulary previously installed is included, or the user is able to carry out complete indexing of the text in such a way that any word existing in the document is considered as a search key. DATA ACCESS
A search allows access to all of the indexed documents and to all corresponding information using simple commands and logic operators (AND, OR, NOT). This all occurs using a self-explanatory button panel, also allowing the user to personalise the type of search using macro functions. Document access may be carried out from network computer clients and those with cards that speed up document image operations (display, greyscale, zooming, rotation and printing). The data is presented in tabular form in order to produce a complete view and an immediate interpretation of the results of a search.

In order to customise a GIADAscan application, an analysis of the user's requirements is carried out. Personalised functions are designed to meet the customer's wishes. Particular attention can be paid to the integration of the new environment into other already existing ones. This allows operators to integrate procedures and to maintain control over existing information for enough time to guarantee complete upgrading into a more modern information system.

Access to confidential information can be gained using a password given to each user or using a classification system of the particular documents that are to be accessed. Thus various filters are constructed to protect the most delicate of information.

It is possible to personalise the automatic backup procedure of documents using optical-magnet unit files, on tape or CD-R. Periodically a backup copy is saved using pre-established procedures, or can be carried out manually. However it is achieved, the updating of modified documents and the saving of new ones occurs automatically.

GIADAscan is integrated with the most well-known software packages such as Word-processors, spreadsheets and personal organisers. A whole or part of a document can be included within other documents produced using a word processing program, by "sharing" and "exporting" data. It is thus possible, at the moment of the creation of a document, to automatically export all of the relevant data from a Microsoft Word formatted document to the GIADAscan database. This is achieved using a template of the document itself (e.g. an invoice), thus work habits and the graphic style of the company are not affected.

The GIADAscan system is available in three different configurations - each specific for different requirements: Basic System
The basic system is the "simple" version of GIADAscan. It is recommended for the management of small quantities of documents that do not involve a large and challenging amount of filing. It can be used with all low speed scanners compatible with the TWAIN standard. Compression/decompression of images is achieved using software-only functions, thus its speed depends on the user's workstation. Standard Edition
This is the intermediate GIADAscan system. It is recommended for the management of medium amount of documents. It is compatible with a medium speed scanners (10-15 pag/min) equipped with SCSI interface and image compression/decompression hardware. Professional Edition
This is the professional GIADAscan system. It is recommended for the management of large numbers of documents. It is compatible with high speed scanners (more than 55 pag/min) and is equipped with image compression/decompression and high speed printing hardware. EXPANSIBILITY
More than ten additional modules are available enabling the user to augment the system and to render it adaptable and expansible to meet future requirements. TYPE CONFIGURATION
The basic GIADAscan system (for Twain drivers, consisting of just software), can work with more than 40 types of low speed scanners and can function in a multiuser network. The professional system uses a high speed scanner (more than 25 pg./min. - Fujitsu; Ricoh; Bell & Howell) and includes compression/decompression and rapid printing hardware. GIADAscan, available in different versions (GIADAscan Basis,GIADAscan Standard, GIADAscan Professional, GIADAvisual, GIADAscan/OCR) is particularly recommended for filing large amounts of documents, using magnetic/optical storage, Juke box and CD-R, in local networks or by single users.