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GIADAscan Far
Form - Automatic Recognition

Every teacher would like to steadly check their own students learning level, but it takes time to prepare and then manually correct multiple choice tests. If you want to spare time, you must be prepared to spend money, because using an external service of traditional automatic recognition forms is a very expensive way to solve this problem.

GIADAscan FAR is the solution you are looking for. It immediately corrects your tests and gives you also the chance to customize your test sheets, choosing both the questions numbers and the layout you prefer. You can adopt your own valuation criteria,(points given for every correct, omitted or wrong answer) and change them for each test.

After you uploaded your students names into GIADAscan FAR,(Excel, Access and Word can do this operation automatically), the system assigns a unique identity code to each one.

Once you've chosen your test questions, you must fill in the right answers of each question by scanning a correctly completed test sheet to be saved into the GIADAscan database. This way, you make the system learn to recognize the test sheets filled in by your students.

Each test will be assigned a unique identity code by the system. This way GIADAscan creates an archive of all tests filled in by each one of your students.

You will be able to retrieve a particular test assigned to your students and to examine the scanned form easily.

At this point, the software has all the information it needs (names, student identity codes, test unique code and right answers).

You only need to print your test sheets to be assigned to your students for the examination.(An ordinary pc printer is perfect.)

Your test sheet will be a normal multiple choice form, as shown in the image below, but remember, you can customize your forms as you like.

At the top of the sheet will appear the Institute or University name, (Faculty and Division too). Next the student name and surname and the test date. And finally the student personal code and the test unique code.

Thanks to these codes, the software recognizes the student, and assigns him a score based upon his test answers.

The student only needs to color the circle corrisponding to what he thinks is the right answer.

At the end of the test, the teacher scans each student's test form, using an ordinary scanner (ACQUISITION). Through this scanning step, the system saves the test answers into an images database.

On the next step, just click on the "IDENTIFICATION" button, so that GIADASCAN-RAM can examine the saved forms, identifying both the student personal code and the test unique code, and creates a student personal file.

Last step concerns the score to be assigned to the student, depending obviously on the correct answers given to the test questions.
GIADAscan FAR software analyses each answer and defines a score, respecting the valuation criteria chosen by the teacher (i.e. correct answer 2 points, omitted answer 0 points, wrong answer -2 points).

As you can see, all of the relevant data are visible (student name and personal code, at the bottom of the page). On the left, a grid shows the answers given by that student and the indication if it is a right one (yes) or if it is a wrong one (no). At the center of the screen, you will see the test unique code and the score assigned to the student (in this case -45).
If an objection arises, the teacher clicks on the button "LOOK AT THE DOCUMENT" (inside the red circle), and the image of the student test form (previously scanned) appears on the screen. Pretty cool isn't it?

If the teacher needs to create graphs, calculate statistics or if he simply wants to print the class data of a particular test, he just clicks on the RESULTS REPORT, andGIADASCAN-RAM transfers all he wants directly on an Excel file.
The Transfer button is also on the tools palette (inside the red circle of the image below)

As shown on the next image, the teacher selects first a student category (clicking on the category button, on the left) and then he clicks on the RESULTS REPORT button (or alternately on the palette button inside the red circle, as shown above) and the program sends to an Excel file all the data previously saved inside the database, organizing them in columns.

GIADASCAN-RAM is a necessary tool for each teacher, it is extremely easy to use, customizable, fast, reliable and handy.

And it's management is completely unexpensive too. A teacher can print his own test sheets using an ordinary print machine, without having to depend on expensive typographical forms.

An excellent choice that helps teachers sparing time and money.